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Italy, a European nation with a lengthy coastline along the Mediterranean, has profoundly impacted Western culture and cuisine. If you intend to visit Italy for tourism and to enjoy your vacation, Italy is the finest place to go. You can also arrange a business trip to Italy or visit family members living there. If you are looking for an Italy visa agent in Jalandhar, you have arrived at the right location.

We take care of everything you need to do to get an Italy visa and use our years of knowledge to give you the best service we can. Don't risk your plans to travel. Continental Immigration gives a simple and effective way to help their clients with the confusing process of getting travel visas and passports. We handle visas quickly, easily, and safely so that all groups, no matter how big or small, are ready to go on their tours on time.

Required Documents for Italy Visa Appointment Jalandhar

· The applicant must have an original passport for at least six months.

· The applicant must send two photos with a white background covering 80% of the face.

· Form for applying for a visa.

· The applicant needs to show that the company has no objections.

· Last three years' tax returns.

· The bank signed and sealed the last six months of bank statements.

· Six months' worth of pay stubs.

· A cover letter explaining why you're travelling and your plans for the whole trip.

· Confirmed Tickets to get there and back.

· Hotel Gift Card.

We offer a straightforward and traveller-friendly application procedure. Typically, they are entirely online with explicit instructions. Our team of professionals will dispatch all of your documents and schedule an Italy appointment with the appropriate embassy.

Do you need a visa immediately but only have a little time? We help you save valuable time and keep you on time. An Italy visa agent in Jalandhar from Continental Immigration will review your papers to ensure your application is complete and ready to send.

Our expert is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to talk to you directly, quickly fix any mistakes, and ensure your application is filled out correctly. The people on our team are always ready to help you. We wish for you to be able to travel without worrying about obtaining a visa.

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