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The Italy dependent visa is one kind of long-stay visa for Italy, also called a national visa or a D-visa. It lets the user go to Italy for over three months and live with a family member already living there.

When a member of your family has obtained a visa for Italy to attend a family reunion, they are eligible to go to Italy and submit an application for permission to reside there. It is necessary for them to get this pass in order to reside in Italy lawfully with you.

Because of this, the Italy Family Reunion Visa is called an entry visa.

Your family member will need an Italy family visa if they are not from the EU or Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein, or Iceland. To enter Italy, you need to submit an application for a long-stay visa even if you are from a nation that is part of the EU.

Who May Accompany You with a dependent visa Italy?

You may submit an application for the following members of your family to join you in Italy if they have been granted an Italian family visa:

· Spouse.

· Children younger than 18 years old. As long as the other parent consents, your spouse's children and children born outside of wedlock also count.

· Parents who are beyond the age of 65 and who are solely reliant on you for their care since they do not have any other children.

Italy Spouse visa processing Time

The processing period for visas ranges between three weeks and two months. However, various factors can influence it. For instance, if no appointment dates are available, your family members cannot promptly apply. Next, they will be required to resubmit their application if it contains any papers that are either missing or wrong, which will slow down the processing time.

The Family Cohesion Visa for Italy

Another way to bring your family to Italy is the Italy Family Cohesion program. However, under these circumstances, your family would have been required to travel to Italy at the same time as you, bringing with them valid Italy Schengen visas (or not a visa at all if they came from a nation that does not need visas). Once they get to Italy, they must apply for residence cards to be with their families.

If not, the same rules about money and housing apply to family harmony visas and reunion visas.

Before you go to Italy, you must ensure you have everything you need, like translated and legal copies of your marriage and birth papers.

Continental Immigration, now that you are ready to apply for a visa, offer us the opportunity to assist you with your application for a spouse visa for Italy from India and make your trip the most memorable by providing simple and streamlined visa processing services.


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