Travel Health Insurance

Visitor health insurance is a interim travel medical insurance policy that visitors to any country buy to obtain coverage protection for any accidental injury , illness or sickness that happens during stay in the host country.

The visitor travel or health insurance offers health coverage for parents or relatives or for travel protection to visit for any reason, personal or business purpose. This private health coverage for visitors is acquire as a short term health plan that grants medical coverage beyond national borders, and only for the duration of stay or travel outside from the home country.

These health insurance plans also grant medical repatriation and evacuation advantage as part of the covered features. visitor health insurance is not mandatory for the foreign nationals temporarily visit to USA but immigrants visiting the Europe, UAE etc. is currently required. with a travel insurance immigrants do not have to pay transportation expenses, medical emergency with their own money.

Another benefit of travel insurance is that it provides against trip intrusion and termination. As foremost Continental immigration consultants, we have a wide variety of international travel and health for immigrants so we can find the finest plan to meet your precise needs. With application process we will guide you through the research and assist. Once accepted, you will be able to reach out to us if you need further assistance all through the term of your policy. With health care agreements visitors have limited access to Medicare and its strongly recommended that applicants must have appropriate health insurance care


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