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Getting a visa to visit, study, or work in the United States can be complex and take a lot of time if you need to learn all the details. Continental immigration are the best US visa agents in Delhi and can help you get through the process more efficiently.

How long your US tourist visa is will depend on your interview at the office. You will have to show them that you only plan briefly to be in the country. If you want your visa to be accepted and last a long time, you must answer the questions honestly and correctly.

Document Required for h1b visa appointment India

· Copy of the DS 160 confirmation form you filled out;

· A letter confirming an appointment;

· Proof of payment for the US Visa application;

· Three blank pages in your passport are required.

· Recent, high-quality, color photographs (Photo Requirements);

· A cover letter (on company letterhead for employees, on plain paper for independents);

· Genuine bank statement (issued within the past six months) demonstrating a positive balance;

· Income tax returns (Form 16) for the prior three years;

· Fixed deposits, real estate investments, recurring deposits, other investments, etc., to substantiate the application's financial claims (optional but recommended).

Processing Time for a US Work Visa

In most cases, employers may provide work visas within 10 business days. However, they will change based on a number of factors, including the kind of visa, the number of applicants at a certain embassy or consulate, the length of time a permit is valid for, and so on. The time it takes to schedule an interview is another factor to think about. As a result, it's in your best interest to get your application in as soon as possible.

How do I schedule an H1B visa interview appointment in India?

After submitting Form DS-160 online, the applicant must contact the US consulate or embassy to determine if a visa interview appointment is required. The individual should not wait for the embassy to schedule a meeting. Instead, the individual must call to schedule an appointment.

What are the wait periods for appointments?

The delay time for visa interview appointments varies depending on which US embassy or consulate in India the interview is scheduled. Check the website of the US Department of State for visa appointment date waiting periods. The visa processing time and appointment availability vary weekly based on the embassy or consulate's staffing and workload.

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