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The H1B visa, also called a USA work visa, is a non-immigrant visa. The H-1 visa is a form of employment visa for specialized occupations. This indicates that they have a college or university degree or extensive training. The most prevalent variety of H-1 visas is the H1B or support visa.

The H1B visa lets people work briefly in the US for a set amount of time. The company initiates H1B Visa application. This means you have to get a job, and if the company agrees to support you for the US government, you can move to the US.

With an H1B visa, you already have a job when you come to the US and will work for a specific company. There are a variety of factors why individuals decide to switch careers.

By the H1B transfer procedure, H1B visa holders can switch employers while in the United States.

H1b Transfer Process

H1B transfer applications follow the same steps as first-time H1B visa submissions. The absence of a visa limit is one distinction between the initial H1B visa and the H1B visa transfer. This visa is limited to a maximum of 65,000 applicants per year. The H1B transfer, however, has no visa limit. Therefore, if you already possess an H1B visa, you are exempt from the H1B lottery.

Duration of h1b visa transfer process

The processing time for H1B transfer documents varies depending on the chosen mode of processing. The process of transferring an H1B visa typically takes between 1 and 4 months. However, if you opt for premium processing, it can be expedited and completed within 15 to 30 days. The response from USCIS can either be positive or negative.

Why Was Your H1B Transfer Application Denied?

In some situations, USCIS could say no to the H1B visa transfer. Nonetheless, there may be a step preceding the denial. The RFE does not indicate that your H1B transfer has been denied but instead that USCIS requires additional documentation to decide.

Continental Immigration has experience completing the additional paperwork and petitions necessary for H-1B Visa Transfers. We can advise clients on deadlines and the optimal time to work for a new employer.

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