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Guyana is a nation in South America that is well-known for the natural beauty of its landscape and its abundance of rivers and waterfalls. "Guyana" translates to "Land of Many Waters" in the indigenous tongue.

A Guyana tourist visa , which is also called a "visitor visa," is given to foreigners who need a visa and want to go to Guyana for tourism. They are typically issued for 30 days, but you can petition for an additional 30-day extension before your visa expires. This implies you can remain in Guyana as a tourist for up to three months on a single entry.

A Guyana tourist visa does not permit employment. If you are granted a Guyana tourist visa for Indian with multiple entries, it will be valid for one year.

Guyana Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

When applying for a Guyana visa, you must submit several documents that the consular staff will use to determine your visa status. The required documents vary based on the form of visa you require and the country in which you are applying. Nonetheless, anticipate including at least the following:

• Be a real traveller who wants to see the country. You must already have made the appropriate trip plans to show that you plan to visit.

• Capable of paying for all costs: During your stay, you need to have sufficient funds to sustain yourself as well as anybody else who is dependent on you.

• You must have a genuine desire to explore the nation and its many landscapes.

• Reasons to go back: You have to have strong links in your home country in order for them to motivate you to go back there.

• You are need to be in excellent physical health. You have to satisfy the authorities' minimum requirements for health and safety.

Duration of a Guyana Visa for Indian

A Guyana tourist visa is initially valid for up to 30 days. Before the expiration of your tourist visa, you may request to extend it twice more, each time for an additional 30 days.

If you are granted a Guyana tourist visa with multiple entries, it will be valid for up to one year.

The employment visa and student visa issued by Guyana are valid for up to three years and are renewable. A Guyana business visa is valid for a maximum of five years. Each time your Guyana visa is extended, you must pay a charge.


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