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Egypt Tourist Visa For Indians

Travelers who meet the requirements must submit an application for an online tourist visa for Egypt and wait until they obtain approval before they may go to Egypt for tourism purposes. Travelers from seventy-five different nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Germany, are now allowed to enter Egypt using an eVisa that has been pre-approved. This change took effect in 2017.

Obtaining an eVisa for tourism may be done entirely online before departing for Egypt. This makes entering the country with pre-approved clearance simpler and safer. The tourist visa lets people from abroad come to Egypt to see places like the Pyramids of Giza, the Nile River, the beach resorts of Sharm el-Sheik, and the Valley of the Kings, or to go home to see their families.

Nevertheless, a person who enters Egypt on a tourist visa is not authorized to engage in any commercial activities or hunt for employment while they are in the country. Instead, it is strongly suggested that you can submit or contact the Egypt Tourist Visa agent for your application for an appropriate business visa or work visa.

List of some of the Egypt visa requirements that must be met to apply

When you apply for an Egypt tourist visa for Indian, you'll need a few things to back up your request, like:

  • Two Photo-copies of the Egyptian Visa or Permit Application
  • Two passport-sized Matt Finished photographs of oneself (2inch x 2inch, white background, taken recently) are needed
  • In addition to having three blank pages, your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of time during which you will be staying.
  • If you do not belong to the country from where you are making your application: Proof of your legal statuses, such as your residence permit or another document recognized for that purpose is needed.
  • Evidence of a return or onward ticket
  • Accommodation documentation in Egypt
  • If you're on a business trip: A letter of invitation from the organization that will host you.
  • Payment evidence for the visa fee
  • Include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope with your application via mail so the Egyptian embassy/consulate may return your passport and documentation.

Can I obtain an Egypt tourist visa online?

The Egyptian eVisa application and receipt are completed online. Before traveling to Egypt, travelers must apply for a tourist visa to be granted admission. To apply online for an eVisa, candidates must do the following steps:

  • Enter individual information
  • Pay a transaction charge using a debit or credit card
  • Provide a valid email address where the approved visa should be sent

Once the application has been submitted, there will be a seven-day processing time, after which the applicant will get an authorized eVisa through email. The visa must then be printed and presented with the passport supplied during the application procedure upon Arrival in Egypt.

During the application procedure, information must be submitted from a valid passport in order to get an eVisa, which can then only be used in connection with that passport. If this document is replaced before entering Egypt, the previously issued visa will become invalid. To go to Egypt, you will need to provide a brand-new application in addition to your new passport.

The Egyptian government also offers Visa on Arrival to tourists from the same 75 qualifying countries, which may be obtained at the traveler's entry point. However, this procedure might result in higher wait times at customs and immigration upon arrival. In addition to meeting the necessary conditions, visitors visiting Egypt risk being denied admission.

The distinction between a single- and multiple-entry tourist visas

People who are interested in travelling to Egypt may choose from two distinct visa options in order to enter the country. A single-entry visa for individuals who will only be visiting the Arab Republic of Egypt once, and a multiple-entry visa for those who will be visiting Egypt often over the course of many months.

Tourist Visa with One Entry

The single-entry tourist visa allows visitors to Egypt a 30-day stay for tourism purposes. It is not possible to use the eVisa again once it has been used to pass through an Egyptian point of entry. It is necessary to get a second valid eVisa in order to re-enter Egypt.

Multiple Tourist Entry Visa

The multiple-entry tourist visa for Egypt permits several border crossings during six months. This gives the foreign national a total stay of up to 30 days per entry throughout the duration of the visa's validity.

How long is the duration of validity for an Egyptian visa that is intended for tourists?

A tourist visa for Egypt is valid for three months from the allocation date. If it is not used within this time frame, it will expire, and a new eVisa must be sought for, processed, and received to enter Egypt securely.

If entering Egypt during this three-month timeframe, the visa will be valid for an additional thirty days from the day of entrance. However, the multiple-entry tourist visa allows visits of up to 30 days, which can be utilized six months after the original arrival.

Egypt visa on arrival for Indian

If you are qualified for an Egypt Visa Upon Arrival, you must get the visa after arriving in Egypt but before passing through immigration. The option to get a visa upon arrival in Egypt may be done so at any of the entrance ports' visa-issuing counters. The visa cost for Egypt must be paid in exact change.

However, many tourists eligible for a Visa on Arrival opt to secure their Egypt visa before departure. All nationalities eligible for the VOA can also apply for an Egypt visa online, and the online approach offers greater security because you know your visa has been issued before making travel arrangements.

Time required to process an Egypt visa for Indians
  • The processing period for an Egypt visa varies based on the application method. If you apply for a Visa Upon Arrival, you will receive it (or your application will be denied).
  • Because it takes about seven days to complete an Egypt e-Visa application, it is highly advised that applicants submit their forms at least seven days in advance of their travel date.
  • The processing period for applications submitted through an embassy or consulate varies based on the individual office. Don't wait any longer than three months before applying, since it usually takes 10 business days in most cases.
  • Consider the time required for the return mailing of documents if you submit your application by mail.
  • Can an Egypt Tourist Visa be extended?

    Egypt Passport and Immigration Administration may be able to extend your tourist visa (short-term visa) for an additional 90 days. You need to give a copy of both your passport and your Egypt visa, in addition to the money for the processing fee.

    Could you please inform me about the criteria that must be met to obtain an Egyptian transit visa?

    The length of your transit will determine whether or not you are required to have an Egypt Transit visa. As a result:

    • If your transit is shorter than six hours, a transit visa is not required, but you cannot leave the airport.
    • If your layover is between six and forty-eight hours, you may leave the airport and explore the local region. You must present a valid passport and documentation of onward travel.
    • If your transit exceeds 48 hours, you must get the appropriate visa.
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