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Danish immigration department tightened the laws of immigration ever since 2002. Before that, the immigration department was really lenient on the immigrants and visa conversion rate was pretty high. However, post 09/11; the conditions of European nations have undergone many changes. Green Card Scheme is the point based system and in order to qualify applicants seeking permanent residence or long term visa in Denmark. They examine the applicant and points are given on different criteria. Some of the most important ones have been listed as under:

Age: Extra points if the applicant is under 40 years of age 2. Minimum bachelors degree required but higher qualifications get higher points 3. Minimum one year experience required and higher experience means better points 4. The applicant should be well versed with any of the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian

Minimum required score is 100 out of the above given aspects. One of the prime issues with the applicants in Denmark immigration is the fact that they don't understand their marking criteria. Rejection is never a good sign in visa applications and could hurt long term chances of the applicant to permanently reside in the nation. Denmark immigration is not very difficult and procuring Green Card could be dream for any person aspiring to enter the nation. We as your immigration agents make the process relatively simpler. We help in conducting mock tests and explain the whole process of marking to the clients in lucid manner so that they could easily score when it really matters. However the applicant is are required to show they can support themselves and their dependents for the first year in Denmark.

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