Czech Republic Visa Appointment from India

This endorsement, also known as the Czech Republic Schengen Visa, permits entry into the Czech Republic. As a member of the Schengen area, the permits granted by this nation fall into two basic categories: temporary and permanent. However, people from European countries and a few other visa-exempt nations may only visit this country with a visa. Those who are issued this sort of visa will find stickers in their passports denoting single-entry Permit, double-entry Permits, or multiple-entry Permits privileges.

Czech Republic Visa Types

Short term - Holders of a Schengen C visa is only permitted to stay in the Schengen region for a total of 90 days during each of the 180-day periods that they are granted permission to stay.

  • A Czech Republic tourist visa is issued specifically for travel and tourism.
  • Tourists need a visa to visit the Czech Republic To visit family and friends in the Czech Republic, you need a Visit Visa, which is also called a Tourist Visa.
  • Visitors planning to attend cultural events or activities in the Czech Republic must get a special visa.
    • Long-term- The application process is the same as for other Schengen long-term visas, including the need to visit the embassy in person and the need that the requested period of stay be at least 90 days.

      • Individuals who have been asked to participate in cultural, political, social, or other events or activities in the Czech Republic fall under this category.
      • To study, research, intern, etc., in the Czech Republic, students need to get a student visa.
      • Employment visas for the Czech Republic are given to those who want to visit the country for the express purpose of engaging in employment-related activities once they arrive.
      • The Czech Republic issues a special visa for visitors who want to spend more than 90 days visiting friends and relatives in the country.

      What You Need to Czech Republic Visa Appointment

      When applying for a visa to enter the Czech Republic, citizens of India are required to provide the documents listed in the following list.

      • A passport for six months validity
      • Two pictures.
      • Schedule of travel
      • confirmed tickets for a round-trip flight
      • Proof of where you're staying
      • Travel medical insurance covering 30000 Euros
      • Proof of residence
      • Documents that show there are enough funds

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