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One of the world’s most beautiful places is Australia’s wide outback. However, you'll likely want to travel to other countries to discover new and distinct sites.

Canada is a popular vacation destination for Australians due to its diverse weather, four distinct seasons, and stunning landscapes. Canadians and Australians speak English extensively, which facilitates travel throughout the country. However, ensuring all the required international documents to enter the country can take more work.

Is a Visa Required for Travel to Canada from Australia?

When entering Canada, Australian citizens are not required to present a travel visa, unlike many other countries. Nonetheless, as of March 15, 2016, Australians entering the Canada are required to have an eTA (Travel Authorization).

Here, citizens of Australia can examine the eTA requirements. If an Australian already has a valid visa, they do not need an eTA, but they will need to show it when they arrive in Canada.

Please be aware that the eTA only allows for temporary stays, not permanent immigration.

How Do I Request a Canada tourist visa from Australia?

Using a service such as continental immigration makes the application process for an eTA very simple. You need your Australian passport and a few other information to commence your trip preparations. Submit your application by filling out a simple form and paying online. Then, continental immigration will send your application to the Canadian Embassy as quickly as possible. If your application is accepted, your eTA will be sent to you by email.

What is the cost of a Canada visitor visa from Australia?

The total price depends entirely on the online processing service you employ. Standard Processing is $46.99 (USD) for Australian nationals applying through continental immigration.

Is the Application Process for eTA Safe?

When applying online, there is always a minor risk involved. If you apply via continental immigration, however, you can rest assured that the utmost security protection protects your information.

We spend a lot of time and money making sure your information and user account details are private and safe, so you can apply with trust and peace of mind. Travelling is much more enjoyable when you are as well-prepared as possible to depart Australia.

When Will I Get My eTA?

This is something that is dependent on the service that you are using. If you apply via continental immigration, you should expect to get your eTA in a pretty short amount of time. After submitting your application for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) with the Canadian government, you will be sent an email from continental immigration with your formally authorized document.

Make sure that you have complied with all of the international paperwork requirements before setting sail for Canada. Always acquire your eTA through continental immigration to ensure you have the appropriate travel authorization.


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