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The visa, commonly known as the "Canada Super Visa", is issued by the Canadian government to the parents and grandparents of individuals who hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.

With a Canada Super Visa, you can visit your Canadian-based offspring or descendants for up to two years per visit.

Why not instead obtain a Canada Visitor Visa?

Applicants must apply for a Canada Visitor Visa to enter the country for up to six months to visit their children or grandchildren who have already settled there.

If you plan to visit your children and grandchildren in Canada for over six months, you must apply for a Super Visa.

Eligibility for Canada super visa for parents

• In order to be eligible, it is a requirement that the applicant has a direct familial connection to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

• The federal government of Canada will look at some other conditions before giving out the Super Visa. For example, the candidate must be a "genuine visitor" who will leave Canada voluntarily at the end of their trip.

• Have a letter signed by a child or grandchild in Canada inviting them to visit;

• The child or grandchild who wants to bring their parent or grandparent to Canada must show that their family makes at least the minimum amount of money needed. This income limit, called the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) by the government, will be based on the size of their Canadian family.

• Possess medical insurance from a Canadian provider that covers at least $100,000 and is valid for a minimum of one year from the date of entry into Canada.

• If a person's husband or common-law partner also wants to move to Canada, they must fill out a different application.

• The Canadian Super Visa may only be requested from a location outside of Canada.

• Children who depend on you should not be listed on your application for a Canada Super Visa.

Processing time for the super visa for Canada from India

The anticipated processing time for a grandparent visa Canada application is approximately 272 days or nine months.


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