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One of the best and easiest ways to get permanent residency in Canada is via Federal Skilled Worker Program of the Canadian Government. Under this program, the applicant is assessed on various aspects like:

English and/or French skills,
Work Experience and
Other factors that have been shown to help them prosper in Canada

As your immigrant advisors and professionals having huge experience in the field of Canadian immigration, it is evident that an applicant needs help on the above points. We can prepare your application and provide you with the required things which can help you in getting permanent Canadian residency.

Rules and regulations in regards of Canadian immigration have changed drastically in past few years. As per the amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), employers who allow visas to foreign residents must seek labour market opinion. This has made the entrance into Canada a bit difficult for Indians and South Asians, who basically enter the nation as workers.

However, not all has been lost in this particular case. The program gives tremendous opportunity to South Asians to enter Canada and seek permanent residence as the corporate world is in their favour. The application process includes all abovementioned points. Minimum score required is 67 out of 100. Most of the applications are rejected because the applicants do not understand the marking scheme and procedures of the Canadian Government. Applicants will also be required to prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves when they arrive in Canada, as they did under the old FSWP. As your agents, it is our duty to assure that you clear all the required procedures so that your dreams could be achieved. Besides this, we can represent you officially in case of any defaults or issues before the Canadian government and visa departments.

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