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Workers on foreign airlines or commercial ships that transit to the United States are eligible for this visa. The United States issues different categories of non-immigrant visas for specific reasons. When planning a brief trip to the United States, foreign individuals will typically need a visa. But special arrangements can be made for some trips.

Many different visas exist for business trips to the United States. The C1/D Visa, which is given to crew members, is the subject of this article.

What is a Crewmember(C1/D) Visa?

This visa category is for temporary visitors only. Those with this visa are eligible for employment internationally on passenger ships and aircraft. Crewmember Visas are required for foreign nationals working on vessels or aircraft that transit the United States for brief periods.

To board the ship or plane, the worker must first enter the United States on a different visa. This visa combines elements of the C1 transit visa with the D tourist visa. The C1/D visa is the name for this dual-entry visa.

  • The C1/D visa has the same maximum stay requirement of 29 days.
  • You are free to depart the dock and the airport within that time frame, but you must exit the nation.
  • This visa is strictly enforced because its sole function is to allow foreign nationals to participate in the routine operations of an aircraft or vessel.
  • You cannot apply for a change in status or a Green Card.
  • You cannot enroll in an educational programme;
  • There is no way to request a change in your immigration status;
  • No Green Card applications will be accepted from you at this time.
  • You cannot extend your stay.
  • You are only allowed to work for the ship or airline that brought you here.
  • You cannot enroll in an educational programme;

When Applying for a C1/D Visa, What Do You Need to Know?

The C1/D visa is only available if you meet certain criteria. The primary qualification is that you would be working aboard a ship or airplane. If you fit the C1/d visa requirements for the following occupations, A pilot or flight attendant for a commercial airline; A ship's captain, deckhand, or engineer; A cruise ship's lifeguard, cook, or waiter;

  • Student aboard a training ship;
  • Ineligible for a D visa are those who conduct the following jobs:
  • While the ship is at a port in the United States, you are responsible for dry dock tasks such as maintenance and repairs;
  • You are on an American-flagged fishing boat;
  • You've been called in as a coast guard stand-in;
  • You have a job on a private ship that will be in port in America for more than 29 days;
  • You've just been assigned to an offshore vessel;

When Can You Expect your Crewmember Visa to Be Approved?

Depending on the quality of your application, whether or not you submitted all the necessary materials, and how well you did in the interview, it could take anywhere from three to five business days to two weeks to process your application. The decision will state whether or not you have been granted this visa.

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