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Brazil Tourist Visa for Indian

The most populous nation in South America, Brazil, is a dream destination for vacationers. There is so much to see and do in this area, which is famous for its tropical environment, stunning beaches, and vibrant towns with a rich cultural heritage.

Brazil emancipated visitors from the need for a tourist visa for inhabitants of the majority of nations. However, tourists must remain for fewer than 180 days each year.

A single-entry visa is usually issued for one month (maximum stay in Brazil for one month). After your arrival, you may extend your Brazil tourist visa for 30 days. A three-month multiple-entry visa is required if you want to stay for more than a month in Brazil or if you plan to move to Brazil and return.

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Brazil tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens

The following is a list of Brazil tourist visa requirements that must be met:
  • Indian citizens with valid passports may apply for a Brazil visa.
  • A person who intends to go to Brazil for tourism, family, or business purposes may apply for a visa via the Visa Lounge. Employment in Brazil is ineligible for application via Visa Lounge.
  • Mandatory travel insurance is required for all travelers flying to Brazil. Visa Lounge also offers travelers Travel Insurance for an extra fee.
Visa applicants must submit the following documents when applying for a visa to Brazil:
  • Passport: The Brazilian embassy requires that you provide an original passport that is valid for at least six months, has three blank pages, and any prior passports you may have had.
  • Copy of all your previous passports (if any)
  • The candidate must complete an online visa application form before submitting it.
  • The visa application form must be signed solely in blue ink.
  • Two recent images with a matte or semi-matte finish, 80% face coverage, a white backdrop, and no border are required (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
  • Please note that photographs should not be older than three months, should be scanned/stamped, and should not have been used for any prior visa applications.
  • Print off your Brazil hotel reservation and daily itinerary
  • Reservation for an Airline: Ticket Copy
  • In order to travel, you are going to need to provide your Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
  • Cover Letter: Original Cover Letter from the applicant on the employer's letterhead indicating his name, designation, passport number, purpose, tenure in the current firm, and length of visit, signed by an authorized signatory.
  • Please Note:
    • Company profiles and a calendar of daily business meetings should also be included in the cover letter (Covering Letter should fit only one page).
    • Only blue ink should be used to sign the Covering Letter.
  • Proof of employment

If a corporate employee

  • the firm leaves a letter and
  • The employee provides an original personal bank statement for the previous six months with the bank's signature and seal—the minimum balance of 1 lakh.
  • Paystubs from the previous three months.

If you are self-employed

  • any copy of a company registration certificate that might establish that the person in question is the owner of this firm
  • A bank statement for the past half year from the company, complete with the bank's signature and seal.
  • ITR over the last three years


  • Original income reports or passbook for the past six months, which have been rubber-stamped and signed by a representative of the bank;
  • ITR for the previous three years with Notary and Mantralaya.

Mandatory Photo Requirements for Brazil Visa

Your visa photo, which you are required to submit together with your application for a Brazil visa, must comply with these guidelines:

  • Photo should not be older than the last six months with exact Dimensions: 4cm x 5cm (or 2 inches x 2 inches)
  • Taken against an essential and white backdrop
  • You must be centered inside the frame and looking directly at the camera.
  • Your entire face needs to be visible, and you should have a neutral expression on it.
  • It is essential that there be no glare, shadows, or reflections in an image for it to be of any use. It is completely forbidden to wear any kind of headgear, with the exception of religious head coverings. Nevertheless, make sure your face isn't hidden from view.
  • You cannot use eyeglasses with thick rims, colored lenses, excessive size, or those that are not prescribed.
  • When showing babies and younger kids, the picture must only show them (no one should be holding them, and there can be no toys)

Procedures to get a Brazil tourist visa for Indian citizens

Continental Immigration has been an integral part of the travel dreams of various people. Our Brazil Visa service is exceptional, prompt, and hassle-free. With a team of highly qualified and devoted Travel Visa Experts, we can assist you in apply for Brazil tourist visa application needs. Throughout the visa application procedure, a visa specialist will handle your application.

Applying for a Brazil tourist visa for Indian citizens through Continental Immigration requires the following steps:

Step 1: Provide your travel information to our Brazil Visa Expert and receive answers to all of your questions.

Step 2: Submit your Brazil visit visa fee online and submit all of your papers.

Step 3: Our Brazil visa specialists will thoroughly examine and review your documents before submitting them online.

Step 4: Obtain a Brazil visa.

How much is time needed to complete the Brazil tourist visa application?

The amount of time required to obtain a Brazil visa is contingent on the particular embassy or consulate processing your application. After submitting your application in its entirety, however, you should anticipate having to wait anywhere from ten to fifteen workdays before receiving a response. Visas for more extended periods of time can require significantly more time. However, make sure that your application is submitted a significant amount of time before the time that you expect to travel.

How Long Does a Brazil visit visa Remain Valid For?

A tourist visa for Brazil is valid for a maximum of ninety days throughout their stay. However, depending on whose Brazilian Consular services you go with, you could get it for a lower price than that. Depending on the kind of visa, the duration of time for which a temporary visa is valid might be anything from one to three years. Before the allotted time runs out, there is the possibility of extending it.

Can You Extend a Brazil Visa?

Yes, you may apply for an extension of your Brazil visa for any type of visa. An application for the extension of one's visa has to be made to the local office of the Brazilian Federal Police. The application must be submitted no sooner than one month before the expiration date of your visa but no later than two weeks before that day.

The Federal Police department is responsible for making decisions about the extension of visas.

Is Getting an Electronic Visa for Brazil Even Possible?

There are no longer eVisas available to nationals of other countries from Brazil. It was once possible for citizens of the United States; Canada; Australia; and Japan to submit an online application for a Visa to Brazil and get a visa by email. The Brazil eVisa was first made available in January 2018, and it remained in effect until June 17, 2019.

Instead, citizens of these nations no longer require a visa to enter Brazil for stays of up to ninety days at a time. Travelers who want to remain in Brazil for more than ninety days are required to make an appointment at a Brazilian consulate in order to submit an application for a Brazilian visa

Purchase Travel Insurance Before You Visit Brazil.

Purchasing insurance for your trip to a destination outside your home country is an absolute necessity. When traveling from India to Brazil, purchasing travel insurance is highly recommended. This protects you against unanticipated occurrences such as losing your luggage or a medical emergency. However, purchasing travel insurance before going to Brazil is strongly advised.

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