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Bolivia Tourist Visa lets you do touristy things like sightseeing, vacationing, visiting cultural and historical places, or seeing family and friends.

Continental immigration offer professional help and a shortened application form to make getting a Bolivian visa from India easy.

Bolivia Visa for Indians Requirements

You must send supporting documents when you ask for a Bolivian visa. These are the papers you need:

• A copy of your bank or credit card records proves you have money.

• A current passport. It must be good for at least six more months and have at least two pages left for visa stickers.

• A copy of your plane ticket or a plan for your trip.

• A printed application form for a Bolivian visa.

• Proof that you have a place to stay in Bolivia, like a hotel ticket or a letter from your host. In either case, the paper must say how long you plan to stay.

• Photo the size of a passport

• Proof of vaccination against yellow fever.

Duration of Bolivia tourist visa

A tourist visa for Bolivia is suitable for up to 30 days per visit. Before your existing visa expires, you may submit a request to have it extended. If the visa allows you to enter and leave the country more than once, you may be able to stay for up to 90 days in a year (but no more than 30 days per entry).

Bolivia visa application Cost

Visa fees in Bolivia vary based on nationality. If you are from one of the Group 2 countries, you may be eligible for a complimentary visa if you register at an Embassy or Consulate before your voyage.

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