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Are you an individual from India eager to immerse yourself in Mexico's vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine? Comprehensive guidelines to help Indian citizens secure a Mexico visa for Indian citizens, covering all essential information and requirements.

Mexico travel visa requirements

Citizens of India must meet specific requirements to apply for a Mexico tourist card. The most important requirements are listed below:

Valid passport: Make sure your passport is still good for at least six months after you plan to leave Mexico.

Passport size photos: Attach up-to-date photos of a passport size that meets the requirements listed.

Proof of having enough money: Proof that you have enough money to cover your costs while you are in Mexico.

Proof of where to stay: Show proof of an approved travel plan or hotel reservation for your visit.

Planned travel: Outline your trip plans, including where you want to go and how long you want to stay there.

Reservation for a flight: Show proof that you have a ticket for a round-trip flight to and from Mexico.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance that covers medical situations and trip cancellations is not required, but it is strongly suggested that you get it.

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What is the processing time for Mexico tourist visa for Indian?

Getting a tourist visa for Mexico can take different amounts of time. The embassy or consulate is the best place to get accurate information about how long it takes to process.

Can I extend my Mexico tourist card if I plan to stay longer?

Extend your stay by requesting additional time on your Mexico tourist visa. Mexican immigration officials must first approve any visa extensions.

Can I work or do business-related things with a Mexico tourist visa for Indian?

You cannot work or do business in Mexico without a tourist visa. The visa can only be used for tourist activities like seeing places, visiting family and friends, or enjoying the country's culture.

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