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With a Spain tourist visa, you can go to Spain for touristy activities like vacations, sightseeing, exploring, and visiting friends or family who live there.

Apply for a Spain Tourist Visa

1. Fill out the application form for a tourist visa to Spain from India.

As soon as you have a meeting, get all the paperwork you need, starting with the Schengen visa form that anyone can use. Correctly fill out the form, print it out, and sign it.

2. Collect the required documents.

Get the papers you need once you have your appointment for your Spain travel visa application. Gather common papers, such as cash proofs and letters of invitation, and make sure they are all valid.

3. Appoint an interview.

Set up a submission appointment and interview for your Spain Visa. This should be done after you know what type of visa you need and have all the documents you need.

4. Attend your interview.

Ensure you get to the Spanish embassy, consulate, or VAC on time that day. Please have all of your papers with you and put them in order.

5. Submit the required payment for the tourist visa fees.

A €80 fee is required to apply for a Spain Tourist or Visitor Visa. This fee covers the processing costs. For a short-stay visa, kids under 12 pay €40, and kids under six don't have to pay anything.

Spain visa processing time India

The average processing period for a visa in Spain in India is fifteen to thirty business days. It is critical to mention that the processing time commences after your visa appointment.

Why Continental Immigration?

➔ Documentation Advice: Continental Immigration can help you determine what you need to get a Tourist Visa to Spain.

➔ Advice on Money: Find out what kind of money you must show when applying for a visa.

➔ Help with Forms: Continental Immigration helps you complete the application forms correctly.

➔ Document Review: To make sure your visa application goes smoothly, get your documents carefully looked over.

➔ Start Process: Get in touch with Continental Immigration immediately to begin applying for a Spain Tourist Visa with confidence and expert assistance.


When can I apply for a visit visa to Spain?

You can apply up to six months before you want to travel, and you have until two weeks before your trip to send in your application.

How long does a Spain visa process application in India?

Generally, the processing time for a Spain tourist visa is at least 15 days. However, some embassies may take up to one or two months, influenced by individual circumstances, time of year, and holidays.

Is working in Spain allowed with a Tourist Visa?

No, working in Spain with a tourist or visitor visa is not permissible. To engage in employment, you must apply for a specific Spanish work visa or consider a working tourist visa.

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