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France is a fantastic destination with excellent educational institutions and a vibrant art scene. If you plan on visiting, you'll need a France tourist visa for Indian. It's a fantastic opportunity to discover all the beautiful things in France, from educational experiences to captivating art scenes. If France is your ideal destination, obtaining a visa is crucial to access the excitement and experiences that await you there!

France Travel Visa Requirements

There are different types of papers based on the needs. Here is a list of common things you need to get a France Schengen visa India:

· Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the travel date.

· Covering letter detailing applicant and travel information.

· Travel itinerary outlining the trip plans.

· Proof of stay.

· Ensure travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30000 Euros.

· Provide documentation confirming your occupation.

· Submit financial documents as proof of sufficient funds.

How to Apply for France Tourist Visa

Getting a visa is easy for people who want to visit France. Just follow these steps for how to get visa for France from India:

Making an Appointment for a Visa:An appointment with the visa office is necessary to start the visa application process. This is easy to do if you book ahead of time through the visa application centre's website. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can make an France visa appointment in a major city like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai.

Filling Out the Application Form:After scheduling a meeting, the subsequent step involves filling out the application form. The application form is easy to get from the VFS website, which makes the process faster for people who want to apply.

Verification Through Interview:: On the date set, officials will perform an important interview. To get a visa, you must have all the necessary documents and meet the standards. This particular step holds significant importance in ensuring a smooth visa application process.

Fees for France Schengen visa from India

· For kids younger than 6, there are no fees.

· 40 Euro (INR 3680) for kids ages 6 to 12.

· For aged 12 and above, the fee is 80 Euros (INR 7360).

· Spouse or children of a citizen of the European Union Free

Visa fee payment procedures vary depending on the destination city of the application. A bank draft is an accepted payment method for the fee in Kolkata. It is crucial to specify that obsolete notes of Rs.500 are not acceptable for fee payments. Select the appropriate payment method by the city of application to facilitate a seamless transaction for the visa fee.

France Tourist Visa Processing Time

A Schengen visa application will be finished in at least 15 days, but how long it takes is up to you. In some places, the working time can be 30 days; in the worst cases, it can be more than 60 days.

How Continental Immigration makes it easy to get your France visa

· Choose the correct type of visa for your needs.

· Give expert advice on the paperwork that needs to be done.

· Help people fill out online application forms quickly.

· Do a thorough review of all the papers that were sent in.

· Offer ongoing help throughout the whole process of applying for a visa.


Is India visa-exempt for France?

No, India is not one of the countries that France doesn't require a visa for. Indian people need a permit to enter the country because of this. Indian citizens do not need an airport transit visa. Indian people with a resident permit who live in other countries can apply for Schengen from that country.

Can I extend my French visa under normal circumstances?

Usually, you can't get an extension on your French visa. Like other Schengen short-stay passes, these cannot be extended.

My application for a visa was denied. Will I get an explanation for the same?

No, the Consulate is not required to explain the denial. They have the option of disclosing the information or not.

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