How do you successfully apply for a Canada Tourist Visa for Indians?

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Explore Canada's different scenery, including beautiful mountains, calm lakes, and lush valleys. Canada has something for every tourist, whether they want to go rock climbing, learn about maritime history, or have fun in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. But getting a Tourist Visa is very important before you go on this trip. Learn more and make plans for your trip, and you'll be able to see all the fantastic things that this vast and fascinating country has to offer. A Tourist Visa is the key to a great trip to Canada. This blog includes fees, Canada tourist visa application requirements,and more.

Two kinds of Canada travel visa from India

Visa for one entry:

· It lets you visit once every six months.

· With this visa, a foreigner can only come to Canada once.

Visa for Multiple Entry:

· Allows more than one visit during the visa's validity period (3 to 6 months).

· Travellers can go anywhere in Canada for fun and relaxation, but not for work.

Pick the type of Canada tourist visa from India that fits your travel needs and length of stay to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to Canada's beautiful scenery.

Easy Steps to apply for Canada travel visa:

Step 1: Fill out an online Canadian travel visa application

Step 2: Give your biometrics

· After you apply, you need to pay the fingerprints fee.

· Instructions will be provided regarding the submission of your biometrics and photograph.

· Within 30 days, send in your data.

Step 3: Processing the application

· Your visa application will be evaluated.

· Applications that need to be completed are sent back.

· An interview or medical check could happen.

· The passport and papers were sent back after being processed.

Step 4: Canada's Entry

· Entry is not guaranteed even with a valid visa.

· Upon arrival, fingerprints are utilized to verify an individual's identity.

Step 5: Look at the border

· If you do well, get a stamp on your visa.

· Typically, a maximum of six months is allowed for a stay.

These easy steps will make it easy for people from India to get a tourist visa for Canada.

Canada Tourist Visa processing time

It could take eight weeks to process a tourist visa for Canada. This depends on where the application centre is located, the specifics of the case, and the papers sent in.

Continental Immigration is your reliable partner for easy Canada visit visa help.

· If you need help deciding whether a visa is right for you, we are here to help.

· Help with gathering and putting together all the necessary papers.

· Help with filling out online application forms that are done well.

· Careful examination of all papers sent in.

Trusted Immigration and Visa Experts Around the World. Continental Immigration can help you get a Canada Visit Visa.


Can I apply online for a Canadian visa?

You can, of course. But some information, like fingerprints, needs to be given offline.

Do I need to submit biometric information to apply for a Canadian visa?

Yes, you have to do it. During the visa application and renewal process, the Canadian Government takes basic biometric information, such as fingerprints and a photo, to make the process safer and ensure the applicant is who they are.

Can my Canada visit visa be extended?

An application for a visitor status extension is required to extend one's stay in Canada while on a visitor visa. This can be completed within the country at a Canadian immigration office.


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