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Located in Western Europe, the nation's official name is the Kingdom of Belgium, and it is home to 11,420,163 people. Brussels, the nation's capital, has a high population density and is one of Belgium's major cities.

Belgium's rich history and architecture may be traced back to the several eras in which the Dutch, Spanish, French, and Austrians controlled it. Medieval architecture, canals, and cobblestone streets set this nation apart.

With its 1995 signature on the Schengen Agreement, Belgium officially became a member of the European Union's border-free Schengen zone. A visitor with a short-stay visa to Belgium may visit other Schengen member nations, which cover a large portion of Europe.

What do You need for Belgium Visa Appointment?

If you fly into the Belgium airport, a Belgian border guard will want to see your passport or other forms of identification upon arrival

Here is a list of the important documents:

  • You can travel as long as you have a valid official document, like a passport. Issued in the last ten years* and good for at least three months after you plan to leave Belgium.
  • A visa, if required by Belgium's immigration law.

Additional requirements may include a letter of invitation from a Belgian host, proof of lodging, or a round-trip ticket. Get in touch with Continental Immigration for additional details on the appointment for Belgium visa .

To enter Belgium, what kind of visa do I need?

A quick journey to Belgium requires a Schengen Visa, which you can apply for online. You may apply for one of many different kinds of Schengen visas, depending on your reason for visiting Belgium:

  • If you travel to a country outside of the Schengen Area and must transit via an airport in Belgium, you may do so without a visa.
  • If you plan on visiting Belgium for tourism or to spend your holiday here, you'll need a valid Belgium Tourist Visa.
  • Foreign nationals with friends or relatives in Belgium may apply for a visitor's visa to the country
  • The Belgian Business Visa was set up for businesspeople who must visit Belgium for work-related purposes
  • Official Visit Visas to Belgium are required for all visiting delegations.
  • Belgium Patients who need medical treatment at one of Belgium's hospitals or clinics may apply for a medical visa.
  • Those who desire to enroll in a Belgian educational institution for a maximum of three months are required to get a Belgium Visa for Study Purposes.
  • Belgium People who want to enter Belgium to participate in a cultural or sporting event or film a related production must first obtain a Visa for Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews.


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