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South Africa dependent visa

The Republic of South Africa offers awe-inspiring activities, gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches, and a 24-hour urban lifestyle, and has long been regarded as the ideal retirement location for working professionals. The Relative's Visa guarantees that the family will not miss out on either opportunity.

What are the Various Types of Dependent Visas for South Africa

Your relative in South Africa may be:

  • A native
  • A legal citizen
  • Holder of a work or study permit
  • The Relative's Visa is considered to come under the category of "Permanent Residence Permit" (PRP), which is reserved for family members who already have citizenship or permanent residence in South Africa.
  • The Temporary Residence Visa category includes the Relative's Visa, which is granted to members of the family who already have a work or study visa in South Africa (TRV).

South Africa family reunion visa

This family reunion visa is offered to the citizen's spouse, child, or parent in the event that they wish to visit South Africa. A foreign person who has established permanent residence in Argentina may apply for a family reunification visa for their foreign spouse, parent, or child who is under the age of 18 (or older if the kid has a disability) and who is also a foreign national.

Who is Entitled for a dependent visa for South Africa from India?

Dependents of South African citizens, permanent residents, work permits, and student permits may enter the country on a Relative visa.

What Documents Must Be submitted for a Dependent Visa to South Africa?

The following are the South Africa spouse visa requirement:

  • Two Recent passport sizes Photographs with a mat finish and a valid passport of a female relative
  • Documents proving a relationship:
  • Dependent spouse's marriage certificate
  • Dependent children's birth certificates
  • Child custody paperwork, if appropriate
  • If relevant, the child's adoption documents.
  • Photocopies of family members' employment or student visas
  • Receipt of payment for your Relative's Visa application.
South Africa's Dependent Visa Permit Application Process

Step 1: Make sure you have all the necessary documents, including two current passport-sized photos, a current passport, a statement of intent (if applicable), and a govt ID card.

Step 2: Collect Passport size matt finish photos as per South African Visa Guidelines.

Step 3: Fill out the application forms:

Step 4: Plan a meeting with the embassy or consulate with the below details:

  • You must bring all required documentation to your local embassy or consulate.
  • You must provide your visa type.

Step 5: Await the outcome. After applying, immigration services, the embassy, or consulate will notify you. If granted, South Africa's immigration agency will provide the relative's visa.

What is the purpose of having a South Africa dependent visa?

The "South Africa Relative's Visa" is another name for the South African Dependent Visa. It permits you to visit and remain with a family member who is living, working, or attending school in South Africa. Continue reading to learn more.

South Africa dependent visa processing time

A Relative's Visa for South Africa might be approved or denied in 7 to 90 days.

What kind of assistance can you expect from Continental Immigration?

Continental Immigration is India's top South Africa visa agents in Delhi. We served various clients and has various cases. Therefore, if you are interested in moving to South Africa, you should get in touch with Continental Immigration to receive expert assistance in submitting an application.

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