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Popular tourist destinations in Peru include the Amazon Basin and Machu Picchu, an Incan city in the Andes Mountains.

A tourism visa is required for visitors wishing to enter the country. The validity of this is 183 days.

Peru Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

· A passport whose validity has been extended by six months

· The most current statement that was provided by the bank you use

· Three pictures to be used for passports

· Income tax returns

· A scanned copy of your signed application form

· A letter from your current or former employer.

· Specifics of your itinerary

· A supplemental letter containing all pertinent itinerary information.

· Proof of hotel and flight reservations

· Three passport size photographs

How long does it take to get a tourist visa to Peru if you're an Indian citizen?

It usually takes between seven and 10 business days to process an Indian tourist visa for Peru.

To enable sufficient time for processing, it is advisable to register for the visa well before the scheduled travel dates.

The processing time may differ based on the number of visa applications the embassy receives and the applicant's specific circumstances.

How much does a Peru tourist visa for Indian cost?

A tourist visa for Peru costs INR 2550 for a person from India.

Remember that the cost of a visa and service fees can change. Indian people who want a visa should check with the Embassy of Peru in India to find the most up-to-date fees before sending in their application.

What is the validity of a Peru visa for Indians?

Indian citizens' Peru tourist visas are valid for up to 183 days from entry into Peru.

This means that Indian nationals may stay in Peru for up to 183 days on a tourist visa. The visa expires six months after the date it was issued.

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