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The castles, churches, and museums in Ireland bring people's attention to the country. The country has the longest coastal road globally and more green space than any other country in Europe. When you go to the country, you can also see the mountains, the green valleys, and water sports. The Schengen agreement does not include Ireland. Therefore, a visa valid for the Schengen area will not allow you to enter Ireland. Instead, you will be required to obtain a second tourist visa.

Ireland's island is home to over thirty thousand fortresses or castles. If you don't like the rain, this country has a lot to offer in the way of sights to explore, from historic structures and museums to bustling cities. The stunning natural scenery of Ireland is the inspiration for the country's nickname, the "Emerald Isle." Ireland is visited by a massive increase in tourism each and every year. In 2019, more than 11,2 million visitors visited Ireland. This benefited the country's economy by 5.8 billion euros.

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Documents required for Ireland tourist visa:

Here is the list of Ireland tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months;
  • A letter explaining why you want to visit Ireland;
  • A detailed plan of what you plan to do while you are there;
  • A printed confirmation of where you will be staying (hotels, guesthouses, etc.)
  • Documentation demonstrating that you are covered by both health and travel insurance.
  • Documentation demonstrating that the visa application fee has been paid in full.
  • Documentation demonstrating that you will return to your home nation at the conclusion of your trip. In order to provide evidence of this, you will need to show that you have a family and a job back in your native country.
  • Evidence that you are economically stable or have funds available for the period of stay. This will include the last six months of bank statements.

How to get an Irish visa quickly and easily:

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Just follow these steps to apply for Ireland tourist visa:

Step 1: Talk to our Visa Expert about your trip and answer all your questions.

Step 2: To finish this step, you must pay the Ireland visa fee online and have us pick up your documents.

Step 3: Your documents are sent to the Embassy so that our Experts can look them over and make sure they are correct.

Step 4: You will be able to go to Ireland after the documents have been checked.

How do I determine whether or not I am qualified to apply for a Ireland visit visa?

To go to Ireland, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a genuine traveler.
  • Able to pay for all expenses.
  • Give people a good reason to return.
  • Pay attention to your health.
  • Don't do bad things.
  • An excellent reason to go somewhere.

Should it be necessary, the Irish Embassy or Consulate may request additional paperwork from the applicant. A face-to-face interview is required in some instances which you need to attend. The documents on this list do not mean that you will get a visa. Visa applications can be denied if the applicant doesn't show up or there isn't enough information.

What is the duration of the process it takes to obtain a visitor's visa for Ireland?

You have to fill out a form online to get an Irish visa. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service tells you that it takes eight weeks to get a visa.

You need to submit your application for a visa to visit Ireland at least two months before you want to travel there. However, applications can be sent even before that.

What do I do when I get to Ireland if I want to stay longer than three months?

You have to leave the country on or before the date that the Immigration Officer wrote on your passport when you came in.

If something has changed in your life since you entered Ireland that you didn't expect, you can ask for a temporary extension of your visitor permission for up to 90 more days.

You can't get an extension if:

  • Nothing has changed since you entered Ireland;
  • Nothing has changed since you were given a travel visa;
  • You are in Ireland to get medical care;
  • You want to get married in Ireland;
  • You are in Ireland to take care of children;
  • You want to live in Ireland permanently (full time).
  • Can people from India go to Ireland without a visa?

    This can't happen. If an Indian wanted to come to Ireland, they would need either an Irish or a British visa. Indians can get a visa for the Republic of Ireland quickly and easily, and they can do so online. There are also VFS Visa Application Centres in 13 Indian cities.

    With an Ireland Travel Visa, what other countries can I go to?

    The goal of the British Irish Visa program is to make it easier for people to travel to and around Ireland and the UK. People from India can now travel anywhere with an Irish or UK visa.

    Indian and Chinese tourists who want to visit Dublin and London can get a short-stay visa from Ireland. This means they won't have to get a separate visa to go to Dublin and then to the UK. They don't need a visa to go back to Ireland from the UK. With this plan, you could travel between these two nations as often as possible.

    How long am I permitted to stay within Ireland on a visitor visa?

    Tourists can only stay in Ireland for up to 90 days, regardless of whether they are from the EU or EEA (European Economic Area) or not. You cannot reside for any more than ninety days. You must leave the Republic of Ireland on or before the date the Immigration officer writes on your passport.

    Do I have the option of turning my visitor visa into a student visa in Ireland?

    If you got a tourist immigration stamp when you arrived, you can't change your tourist visa to a student visa. Register with the Irish immigration office as soon as you get there or before your visa expires if you plan to stay longer than 90 days.

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