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A landlocked nation in the heart of Eurasia, Georgia is best known for its picturesque villages in the mountains of the Caucasus and its picturesque beaches along the Black Sea. The Vardzia, a cave monastery built in the 12th century, is the city's main draw for visitors. Tbilisi is well-known for its architecture, and the nearby old wine region of Kakheti is also well-known.

Georgia visa for Indians are required for Indians who want to visit Georgia as tourists. This offer is good for three months. This visa can also be obtained through an electronic visa application.

Documents Required for the Georgia Tourist visa for Indian

• A passport whose validity will extend beyond the visa's duration by at least six months

• The recent statement from your bank

• Passport-sized images

• A copy of your application

• A closing letter with all pertinent itinerary information

• Specifics of your itinerary

• It is important to show that you can afford the trip and will remain in your country.

• Evidence of hotel and flight reservations

• Tour ticket copy

• Income tax returns

• Travel insurance coverage for serious injuries or catastrophes

Georgia Visa Processing Time

A Georgia tourist visa takes ten days to get ready. Keep in mind that the working time can sometimes be 30 or even 60 calendar days longer.

The Embassy is committed to giving out visas as soon as possible as long as they have enough information about the person who wants one. Depending on the volume of applications received or the uniqueness of your case, the Embassy or Consulate may extend the 30-day processing period to 45 days for special requests.

Can Indians Extend Their Georgia tourist visa?

No, you cannot extend your Visa in Georgia. The length of validity and stay of your Visa depends on the visa form you have applied for.

Suppose you wish to remain in Georgia beyond the expiration date of your eVisa. In that case, you must depart the country and, if eligible, apply for a new eVisa or a regular visa before returning.

Do Indians Need A Visa for Georgia?

To enter Georgia, Indian people must first obtain an eVisa. Depending on the type of eVisa requested, visitors to Georgia can spend 30 or 90 days in the country.

Can Indians extend their visa to Georgia from India?

You cannot extend the length of your Georgia eVisa. Depending on the type of eVisa that was applied for, the eVisa has a set amount of time that it is good and how long you can stay.

If you wish to remain in Georgia beyond the period of validity of your eVisa, you must first leave the country and reapply for an eVisa or, if eligible, a regular visa before you can return to Georgia.

What do Indians need to know when they visit the Immigration Counters?

When you get to the Georgia immigration counter, you must show your passport and your visa if you need one. The immigration employee will ask you the following questions:

• Why are you coming to Georgia?

• How long will you be staying in Georgia?

• Where will you be staying in Georgia?

• Answer all the questions in a truthful and accurately.


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