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Temporary Residence Visa - CHILE
  • This product is open for all nationalities and allows you to work or study in Chile for up to one year. After that you must apply for permanent visa or an extension.
  • The obtainment of a Temporary Residence Visa for foreign-born citizens who travel with the purpose of settling down in Chile, due to having family bonds, interest in the country or whose residency is useful and favorable to Chile.
  • This visa allows to work, to study and / or to perform commercial activities, within a maximum of one year.
  • There is also a Dependent Temporary Residence Visa, which is granted to the holder's family and does not allow to work, and it has an extension of one year.
  • Following are the below categories which granted this residency visa:

    To foreign-born citizens
    Bridegrooms and children of residents.
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