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Armenia is a land of mysterious, ancient history and stunning architecture. It is one the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Armenia’s unique culture and traditions are what make it a tourism destination.

What Types of Armenian Visa are available for Indians?

A visitor visa: Indian citizens who plan to enter the Republic of Armenia for tourism, visiting relatives, doing business, receiving medical treatment, or any other purpose requiring a stay of less than three months are need to get a visitor visa. A visiting visa may be obtained for either a single entry or numerous entries, and it is valid for a period of one full year. Visitor Visas may be either Short Term, which lasts for up to 21 days, or Long Term, which lasts for up to 120 days.

Transit visa: Travelers traveling through the Republic of Armenia en route to another country are required to obtain a transit visa. This applies to all foreign nationals who travel by air or land to transit via Armenia. In order to apply for a transit visa, applicants must have a valid ticket to their final destination or a valid entry visa from another country. The utmost duration of a transit stay in Armenia is 72 hours, unless an emergency situation exists.

What Is the Armenia tourist visa for Indian Processing Time?

The processing time varies depending on how your Armenia visa application was submitted.

Armenia e-VISA processing period for Indian nationals is 3 business days. The Armenia e-Visa processing period begins on the following working day after you submit your e-Visa application online via Armenia e-Visa for Indians.

The Foreign Ministry may ask for additional information and documents, which may delay the processing of your application.

Is it necessary to stamp my passport in advance of travel?

No, you won't have to put anything in your passport before you journey because you will get an electronic visa.

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