Australia Immigration Skilled Independent Sub Class 190

S ub Class 190 has number of similarities with other visa programs but has distinction in number of ways too. This visa class is meant for the applicants who have all required qualities for working in Australia for benefit of Aussie economy but have not passed the tests required as per other statutes. In sub class 189, an applicant for skilled independent visa needs to score a minimum of 60 marks so that his application could be considered. However, due to various reasons, even deserving candidates miss out on this and then they cannot get their permanent visa to work in Australia. For such category of people, this sub class has been recently introduced by the government of Australia.

Australian immigration was never so simple with introduction of so many sub classes which are applicant friendly. Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190) applicants are required to obtain a minimum of 60 points on a point's assessment and must obtain nomination from a participating State or Territory government. The basic requirements for this kind of visa sub class are as follows:

The applicant should be well acquainted with the job
Should demonstrate special skills as required by state
English language
Specific work experience

This sub class works as a second wind of life for applicants who miss out on sub class 189. Successful applicants could permanently reside in Australia and work/study in Australia on permanent basis. They are also entitled to healthcare and other welfare facilities introduced by Australian government. In the past, number of Indians have benefitted from this visa scheme. As your agents, we can represent your eligibility before Australian immigration department.