Australia Immigration Skilled Independent Sub Class 189

I n terms of Australian immigration programs, the government of Australia has introduced various programs in order to increase the inflow of skilled workers from different parts of the world. Due to improved relationship with India, the government of Australia has been kind enough to provide large number of visas under this scheme.

As your immigration agents and having so much experience in this field, we provide you information about all the ways to achieve your dream and get into the country of your dream. Under this particular sub class of immigration, a person needs to have the following distinctions:

He/ She must be invited by any authority or an employer to apply
Should be less than 50 years of age
The applicant should nominate an occupation that matches their skills and qualifications and is on the relevant skilled occupation list
The skills will be assessed by relevant assessment authority
The applicant must be fluent in English
Must score minimum 60 marks in the test
The character and health requirements must be of prescribed limits

This is a point based skilled worker program for applicants who are not sponsored by any employer. This kind of visa holder has the distinct facility of living and working permanently in any part of Australia. The applicant can bring along with him, any member of his family, if the government approves. However, not many agents would suggest you this program because there are number of statutory requirements which have to be fulfilled for this particular sub class. We as your agent will assure that you have all required documents and prepare you well for the tests and other statutory requirements of the Australian government for this visa. A migration officer or agent could be used to carry on proceedings as per rules of Australia government.