Translation Servies

W e provides the translation sevices in over 80 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Japanese and all Indian languages along with many others. Translation is not an easy task. It requires a very high level of language skills. We can translate all types of documents from any language to any language and we can provide certified translations as well for many countries .We provide Guaranteed lowest price.

Why CICS ?

1)Provide High-quality service,
2) Timely delivery
3) Translation by an expert
4) Quality assurance
5) More than 80 anguages
6) Areas of expertise and services
7)Certified Translators

We provide following Translation Services in India and worldwide:

Technical Translation: Information Technology(I.T), Automobile Engineering, Machinery, Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Aviation, Designing, Civil Engineering, R&D , User Manuals, Guides

Legal Translation: Patents, Immigration documents, Cases, Agreements, Contracts, Licenses, Partnerships, Foreign applications, Trademarks and Copyrights, Research Reports.

Financial Translation: Banking, Financial Reports, Corporate Publications, Accounting, Stock Option Agreements, Balance Sheets, Customer Surveys, Budget Forecasts, Loan documents.

Business Translation: Advertising, Marketing, Strategic Management, Project Management, Presentations, Products, Emails.

Document Translations: Educational Certificates, Degree, Mark sheets, Permits, Papers, , Marriage Certificate and Divorce Documents, Documents.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations: Medical Reports, Drug Pipeline, Medical Journals, Drug Patents and Expiry, Drug Indications, Data bases.