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Eligibility criteria

Program eligibility

As already mentioned above, Express Entry covers three main economic immigration programs, which include:

Work experience

The applicant’s work experience should be:

  • A minimum of one year ( thirty hours a week), full-time continuous or same amount in part-time,
  • paid work,
  • In the past ten years,
  • In the same NOC skill type ,
  • At skill type 0, or A or B.
  • Language ability

    The candidate should:

  • meet all the minimum language level requirements set by the concerned authorities, and
  • Take the language test as approved by CIC that displays that the applicant meets the level for listening, speaking, writing and reading.
  • The candidate has to display that he/she meets the requirements in French or English by attesting the test results when completing the Express Entry profile. The test results should be less than two years old on the day the applicant applies for a PR.


    The candidate should have:

  • a high school or post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate from Canada or
  • An ECA report from a CIC approved agency to show that the foreign education you have attained is equivalent to the Canadian education standards.
  • Federal skilled workers- The main selection factors

    CIC analyses the federal skilled worker applications on the following criteria.

    Point grids for every factor:
    1. Education: candidates are awarded a maximum of twenty five points.
    2. Language Skills: candidates are awarded a maximum of twenty eight points.
    3. Work Experience: applicants are given up to fifteen points for experience acquired in the past ten years. A minimum of nine points are required.
    4. For arranged employment candidates are given a maximum to ten points.
    5. For adaptability candidates are awarded a maximum of ten points.

    Federal Skilled Trades Program (Requirements)

    To qualify, a candidate must:

    Canadian Experience Class (Requirements)

    The candidate must:

    Note: Quebec does not make use of Express Entry. They choose their own skilled workers.

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